First blog post


The beginning of a new adventure always is both: absolutely sensational and downright terrifying. At the moment I am really riding the rollercoaster between these two extremes. At the weekend (which is in five days – YIKES!) I am leaving for London, where I will spend three months with Elevate Dance Foundation. I can’t describe the feeling I had, when I finally got the email with the official offer of a place after my first audition. Knowing that this is what I want, that this chance is really a dream come true with all emotions running high and wild, the fact that I still don’t know where I am going to live is really driving me crazy. However, I was told by soothing family members that London has enough bridges, so at least I will have a roof above my head (Thanks again folks – irony off 😉 ). Apart from the living situation I am also torn between two options. After the three months I will have the possibility to audition again for the Elevate Company which would mean I could extend my stay in London to ten months! Although this is really what I am aiming for within the first three months, this really doesn’t make relaxing easier for me, as this means that I might have to go all the process again after three months.

There are three reasons for me to set up this blog:

  1. As you can read in the about section, this isn’t my first blog. When I lived in Bournemouth I kept my friends and family (well and all the people who dropped by on the blog by accident) updated on how I was and what was going on in my life through this.
  2. You might have realised that even now, while writing, I am starting to freak out a little on the uncertain parts of my London adventure yet. So this Blog is going to be my instrument of getting all these thoughts off my chest and live in the presence.
  3. Maybe there are people out there who are in a similar situation or who do have some good ideas or anything else they want to share. If this is the case I would love you to get in touch with me via the contact page where you can also learn about different ways on how to support me. I am looking forward to hearing from you knowing that I am not alone on this road. 🙂

So far for now, thanks for bearing with me on this and you’ll hear from me soon.

Lots of love,
Linn xxx




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