London Baby!


One might not believe it, but I actually arrived in London yesterday. And I did not have to camp under a bridge (Thank you for everyone who kept me in their thoughts regarding this  !) Just on Saturday night, about 12 hours before I left for London, my accommodation had been confirmed. But that also meant, that I only then found out where my journey would take me from London Stansted… I mean even from London Stansted it takes about an hour until you arrive in Central London. As I live in a southern part of London called Beckenham (yes, it is still a part of London), the journey from the airport took me about 4.5 hours. NO, for once this is not me failing at maths. The journey probably could have been a little quicker, if, however, I did not have to drag along 4 pieces of luggage which all in all came to the ridiculous amount of roughly 50 Kg.

The luggage

I learned in that early stage of my journey that traveling with company does have the one or the other advantage. 😉  Whereas in the first part of my journey (train from Stansted to Tottenham Hale, then Underground to Victoria), I did not get much help (apart from this very lovely elderly gentleman, who helped me carry the stuff up the stairs. Giving the right guess with his witty comment that one might get the idea I was moving house), on the second half, on the train from Victoria to the Shortlands and throughout the following bus journey I had lots of people offering their help, which has really been a relief considering the time I had already been carrying that weight around with me. With an underground network as elaborate as the London tube you might get the idea that the architects did not have the nerve to plan escalators or lifts for all of the stations as well.  No wonder though that I woke up this morning with sore muscles in my shoulders, back and abs. Good exercise for the time ahead though.

The road I live in

My journey has payed off though, because I found myself at a lovely house within a very lovely road where I do live in a fantastic room including a big window facing the garden. I didn’t do much more that evening than letting m loved ones know I arrived safe and sound and crash into bed.

Today was my first day then, which should have been a bit more productive (I planned to sort out a bank account and British SIM card while getting to know Beckenham a little better, buy stationery for the work that is coming within the next months and go shopping for groceries.). Because I like to discover my surroundings by foot rather than by public transport or car, I decided to make my way to the Highstreet via a small Park.

The old band stand

As it turned out this was exactly the right decision. Not only because the weather was brilliant, but because I got to learn a bit about the area a live in now, found this wonderful spot where I will definitely enjoy my time every now and then, and learned about an upcoming retro and vintage market in Beckenham this Sunday. You can probably guess already what you will read about then. 😉

Apart from the park I did make my way to the Highstreet which is offering everything you might need. Especially a huge variety of charity and second hand shops. Unfortunately I was not able to sort out an account yet but I got my British mobile number and breakfast with a well deserved massimo coffee latte. Even though I did not do a lot of grocery shopping today either I still have one fabulous find that is basically combining a lot of the things I love. If you didn’t know already you do now: I am obsessed with Jane Austen, especially her Pride & Prejudice.

The perfect combination of art and literature

I also love colouring and colouring books for adults are one of the best methods to make the world stop for a moment and enjoy the time in the present (something our society is actually lacking a lot.). So I found the perfect combination of art and literature: A Pride and Prejudice colouring book with a quote from the original novel on every page, slowly guiding you through and making you a part of the novel. Obviously I did have to start colouring at least a little and go grocery shopping tomorrow, once I know where to store the things in the kitchen. So far for today, all the best,

Linn xxx




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