Comfy Days

Deutsch-ButtonI am happy being able to announce that I am slowly adapting to my new surroundings. I absolutely adore little Beckenham and it’s lovely High Street with it’s shops as well as the wonderful parks and the walking. And the weather! Boy, it’s hot out there. Indian summer here we come (actually yesterday has been the hottest day in London since, I think, 1935).

Nineteen Fourteas café
Amazing Granola breakfast

What I want to share first is the absolute fantastic café I found by chance on High Street. It’s called Nineteen Forteas, is tiny, but a real gem between the big coffee chains that are obviously as well to be found in the very same road. Since until yesterday I didn’t know where I would have a spot in the fridge, freezer or cupboard in order to put groceries, I kind of lived on  ready made falafel wraps and fruit. So in the morning I decided to have another stroll along High Street in order to find another nice breakfast spot and that’s when I hit gold.
Not only does it look awfully cute in there with the lovely blue paint, the cute hand sewn bunting and the picturesque vintage decor, but they also serve amazing food. Of course I had to get a customer card! The icing on the cake really was the bookshelf behind my seat, featuring not only brilliant cookbooks with a variety of gluten free recipes in there, but the complete chronicles of Narnia and the dancing in the dark book right on top of it. And no, it wasn’t me grouping them together for the picture (I am really not that pathetic), but it was just like that when I turned around.

The wonderful surprise when I turned around

Basically the sign for me, that Registration day would be fantastic. Which was today and, as you already might have guessed, it was fantastic indeed! Getting to know the other apprentices, the creative directors and coordinators and parts of the company has just been so very delightful. Knowing to be part of something unique, and even if you don’t know the people yet, still being connected through faith and the passion for dancing is just a very precious thing. It makes feeling at home so much easier. Also very nice and surprising was, that I am not the oldest apprentice. I secretly kind of feared I might be. To be honest, there are quite a few girls, who are just about 18. But then there’s also the other group, with me being the youngest an the oldest one being about 40. Whereas most of the apprentices are from Britain, this year is unofficially called “the German year”, as there are three of us. Also, a lady from Switzerland and, absolutely exciting, a young woman from Thailand. Even today has been the official start of our apprenticeship it was all about getting to know each other, sorting out paper work and getting to know the company and company rules. Now we have four more days to relax before on Monday morning dance classes will start.
Back home I started to find my way through the kitchen slowly. I’ve been shown my storage spaces and the recycling system by the other tenant and the au-pair yesterday, meaning that after registration day I really went grocery shopping, cooked my first warm meal in four days and, most importantly and most excitingly, had my first proper Yorkshire tea since being back in England. Now I have definitely arrived back in the land that nicked a piece of my heart when I left four years ago.

Linn xxx


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