History maker

Deutsch-ButtonMy last couple of days have actually been rather calm and quiet which gave me the time to get absolutely excited for tomorrow! I know I should sleep but I can’t just now, so I decided that it might be time for another little update.

Since London is rather pricey, the good thing is that most of the museums have free admissions for the general exhibition.

British Museum

Having had English teachers in school who made an effort of not only teaching us the language but also improve our general knowledge, I knew that the British Museum was having a lot to offer. My expectations did not get disappointed at all. I actually spend half my day at the museum (and luckily left before it got too crowded). I had been told before, that most people head for Rosetta Stone and the mummies, so I deliberately chose to also spend time at the rest of the museum. As it turned out, this had been a wise plan.

Nautilus cups from Germany

I found amazing pieces there, for example these cups manufactured in Germany and made from nautilus shells. It just reminded me once more of what some artists are capable of. Just to imagine the hours it must have taken to actually strip the shell to the nacre and then engrave this with this perfection. I am still overwhelmed from what I’ve seen. This gave me more understanding of how art has to developed since craftsmanship in this perfection cannot evolve endlessly. At some point there has to come something new because everything that is possible (or seemed impossible) has been done. And we all know that mankind doesn’t just stop when something has been evolved but tries to explore the next field and see what is possible, seems impossible and really is impossible. I did make my way to the Egypt section with  their mummies, too, obviously.

Rosetta Stone

But what really fascinated me most was Rosetta Stone, mostly because I heard about in school from the mentioned teachers above. And then being there and standing in front of this stone which really is a milestone in terms of history and archaeology… Indescribable. Even though at that time it had already been more of a cuddling scene with complete strangers, all trying to get a picture of this stone in it’s glass cage.
However, this kind of history lesson really is my cup of tea, rather than sitting in school and only reading in dull books.

Speaking of history – today I went to church and witnessed a brilliant service with one of the best sermons I have heard in years. Afterwards I went with four people in about my age for lunch, which has been absolutely fantastic, before I headed off to the vintage fair.

1920s original advertising from papers


Don’t worry, I keep my promises. 😉 This has been one of my favourite finds. Obviously there has been many more, both retro and real vintage. The next fair is in November, so I am sure I’ll visit it again. I also found out that the venue of the fair (venue 28) has been redecorated by Citygate church, which happens to be the church I did visit today. Most excitingly there are also classes being held every week from creative sewing and embroidery courses to Pilates and Yoga courses, so I really hope that I will find an additional course in oder to build muscles, improve stamina and increase flexibility that I can actually afford.

So far for today and I am promising here and now to let you know tomorrow how my first day of dance apprenticeship went. I don’t know about you, but I am well excited and ready to go. If only would feel tired.

Best wishes and I’ll keep you posted,


P.S.: If you want to support me throughout my journey you can either check out the contact page or simply click here for supporting me financially  or through prayer. Many many thanks! 🙂


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