Deutsch-ButtonOkay, I didn’t keep my promise this time and I am very sorry. But today you’ll have the benefit of getting the summary of the two first days of my apprenticeship, which have been A-MA-ZING!

On Monday we did have our first class of ballet as well as improvisation and choreography afterwards, today we had a theoretical block on our assessments and teaching and contemporary afterwards. And just within these first two days, I have grown so much. It really feels like unchaining the inner creativity, knowing that I am in a very safe environment. We are a group of ten apprentices and we are taught by incredible artists and dancers. Just to give you an idea of who is teaching us: we have been taught by a former senior associate from Royal Ballet School, artists who also teach at the Central School of Ballet, artists who also choreograph and perform for mixed ability dance companies and musical productions, artists who worked with the Royal Opera House and English national opera.

Being here is not just incredible but also feels absolutely right. Even though everything is aching and tomorrow will be a loooooong day with classic repertoire, time for creating our project for assessment and contemporary repertoire. So I will finish at 6:45pm, meaning that I will probably be back home at around 8pm.

As I couldn’t post any pictures (because really, who wants to see sweaty dancers – and even if we actually grew quite close just on our second day, I don’t think they would be happy knowing that all our exhausted faces are roaming the internet), I decided to link a short video from one of the Springs company’s pieces, featuring three of the dancers I have been taught by already.

Springs Dance Company – Bread of life

Wishing you all the best and I’ll write soon,
Linn xxx


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