Work of art

Deutsch-ButtonIt’s incredible that the first week of the apprenticeship is already over. At the moment I am in this fairly weird state where time seems to fly and creep at the same time. It actually feels like I am floating in mid air, which is fantastic.

When you followed the other blog posts, you will have realised that the apprenticeship doesn’t start slowly, but that we are directly confronted with the tasks lying ahead of us, meaning creating and dancing a solo at the very first day.

The poem we dance to

On Wednesday we started learning a classic Springs choreography which has been danced for years by now and is based on the story of Jonah and the whale to the music of legend Louis Armstrong.
Apart from that, we started to learn our very own choreography. However, it wasn’t anything like our expectations, as our teacher did not present us with a fully choreographed piece we only have to learn, but with a poem (for better view, click on the picture). So we are not dancing to a fully recorded song, but to the poem that is going to be read out. AND we are creating the choreography together with our teacher. Exciting, unusual, creative and absolutely powerful.

Arts depot London

On Thursday, we were invited to attend the dress rehearsal of Springs Company’s latest piece “The magic paintbrush”. Needless to say, that we were blown away by watching for of our teachers in action at the arts depot London, a place that breathes art, as it is not only a theatre but also a gallery and a place where loads of dance classes are held. I can’t describe how powerful the performance was, making our eyes well up, making us laugh and taking us on a journey through the story by Julia Donaldson.
Honestly, if you have the chance to watch it go and do it! Another brilliant bit about the performance was, that the music has been created live by a composer and musician with his loop station.

Friday was the time for meeting with the people for our community placement. We are not only taught in dance technique, choreography, improvisation and science, no we also have the chance of learning how to teach. So on Friday we went to Orpington and met the team there, were given all the information and will be running our first lesson with pre-schoolers next week. Exciting times lying ahead. Therefore today I did actually go out for a walk. Surprisingly my muscles aren’t sore anymore. I thought I would ache for at least one day more.

That’s it for today and I’ll be back soon,

Linn xxx


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