Treats for the soul

Deutsch-ButtonI can’t believe it’s been almost a week since the last post. This has been my second week flying and creeping at the same time then. I am trying to not get lost in details, so I will focus on the theme of the week – treats for the soul.

The fire pit

Sunday I spent the whole day out with friends from citygate, which has been amazing! Highlight of the day really was the (spontaneous in church) invitation of Pastor Julian to his house for all people aged 18 – 30. His wife and him had ordered Pizza for us and lit the bonfire for us to roast Marshmallows. It has been very lovely getting to know everybody, especially Pastor Julian’s pet snake. Unfortunately I cannot provide a picture here, since I am still waiting for this pic to be sent, bus it was lovely holding it. Since we were slightly smoked by the fire it did not only happily slither from one person to another, but also busily darted its tongue (more in than out) at us.
That has been the calm before the storm really, as this week we started into the apprenticeship full time, since all our teachers have been back from rehearsals for the tour. This means that the schedule for this week contained 3 classes of ballet (one every day) as well as dance science and a general teaching input.

Second hand and reasonably priced treats

So long days are lying ahead which is nice on one hand, but quite exhausting on the other hand, as I spend about an hour on the bus per journey. This is why I am very happy to call a second hand mountain bike mine now. I haven’t ridden it properly yet though, as I am looking for a (second hand) helmet and also have to raise the saddle a little bit. Will let you know how that goes then. after Thursdays spontaneous teaching input (we got invited for that on Wednesday), we decided to quickly go to Lewisham afterwards as me and two other girls needed some bits and bobs. In the end we not only got what we wanted, but I also found amazing shoes at a charity shop. The tea we treated us to afterwards was not only delicious, but also a wonderful possibilty to have a very deep and amazing chat.

Beautiful flower bed en route to Christ Church Orpington.

It is crazy how we only know each other for two weeks, but since we do spend every day together, grew relatively close already.
Thursday was also the day when I went to try out a yoga class in Beckenham, which has been surprisingly amazing. However, it does feel weird to be the youngest in the room, surrounded by middle aged housewives and one gentleman. Especially when the instructor encouraged us to inhale and then sigh out loud. Not my most favourite exercise but shockingly relieving. I will go to another class tomorrow, with another instructor, so we’ll see how that one goes.
Today was the first day of Community Placement in the pre-school then. We met at Christ Church Orpington first, prepared everything and then went in order to run the 45 minutes class with 32 3-4 year olds. It was brilliant, but also very exhausting. I am looking very much forward to a calm an relaxed day tomorrow, as on Sunday we (2 other girls and me) will be helping out at Christ Church’s Celebrate! .
I will let you know how that goes, as soon as I find the time. 😉
Lots of love,

Linn X

P.S.: whoever says London was rainy all the time: Can’t confirm that prejudice so far. It has been very lovely and sunny over the past weeks.


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