Wade in the water

Deutsch-ButtonIf I said it’s been a while the last time, I am not quite sure how I should describe the passed time now…

National history museum

Loads of stuff has happened. On October 1st I went to national history museum and science museum with friends from church. As most museums in London  – free admission. Massive dinosaurs, stones and volcanoes and in the science museum lost and lots of information on space, data, textiles, energy and… well, science. It has been an amazing day and both museums are worth visiting, even though I preferred the science museum.
Next Saturday we are going to visit the V&A. So things to look forward to! 🙂

After the museums we went to Hyde Park which has been very lovely as well, with posing swans and a gorgeous sunset. Also I went to a 30th Birthday party which we had to attend disguised (soooo funny!). Even though at some point I felt odd, not because of the party but because most of the guests were young families who had to bring their babies (and made them part of their costume! Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!)

He (or she?) knew how to strike a pose

which basically meant that in the end we were about seven people left dancing as the rest had to get home and tuck their babies and children in bed.

Apprenticeship wise everything is still amazing! I learned so much in this month I have been here now, in teaching practice we had to each prepare a warm up for a certain age group and run this with everyone (so two were leading the warm up, the others were acting like people of that age group). I have to admit – letting out the inner child can be hilarious! And it really helps to understand how to explain things and tasks to the people of these different ages!
Then my family came for sort of a surprise visit. Surprise visit, because they only told me three days before they came, that they were coming. So I’ve seen them last Sunday and on Thursday. I told friends from church today, that this is what I miss most. I don’t necessarily get home sick.

Marlowe Theatre for Alvin Ailey

I do not mind leaving Germany and going abroad. But as a family person, I do miss my family and obviously fiancé. Not in a way that I feel like I have to pack bags and move back instantly. The point I am trying to make is: It was marvelous having my parents and baby sister (she’s 22, but she’s still my baby sister!) here and having them as part of my life here as well.
Fortunately when they left on Friday, I did not have lots of time to get melancholic, as I was heading off to Canterbury with three other apprentices and an ex-apprentice from last year to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Saying that this evening was amazing would be the understatement of the year! They danced different pieces, so I’ve seen Exodus, Night creatures, after the rain (pas-de-deux) and Revelations. Fantastic dancers who went in one evening through various styles, all danced in perfection. Truly inspiring. Now, when teachers are telling us to hold and engage the centre, we don’t only know what it feels like, but also, what it looks like.

Wade in the water

If arts weren’t so expensive I’d be watching various performances at least twice a week! Especially Revelations was, well a revelation, as this was one of the first pieces Ailey choreographed in the 60s in America as a black dancer, with a company only formed of black dancers (if you payed attention in history you know how truly special that is!). So in Revelations he choreographed his earliest experiences as a member of the black community born in Texas, the whole piece is choreographed to Gospel songs. Bottom line: If you have the chance to watch their performance – DO IT!

Yesterday I met with Marie, a danish friend I met at church and we decided to go for some food. As it started to pour down and the pubs we found didn’t serve food we ended up at an Indian Restaurant. Well, what we saw from the menu it didn’t seem to expensive.

The fancy part!

Let me tell you one thing! If you come to a place were you are called ladies, they open doors for you, pull out the chairs, take your coats and hang them in a separate room (!) AND place the fabric napkin on your lap for you – the meal most certainly is going to be more expensive than you thought! 😀 We felt rather misplaced, being soaking wet and sitting next to a 30-year-wedding-anniversary. However the food was amazing and not as expensive as we thought. But if you plan for a McDonalds-priced-meal, a fancy restaurant always seems to be much more. In the end it was an amazing meal and a beautiful evening!

I cannot wait to see what the next weeks and months will bring, especially as my project got accepted!!! So I will be busy reading and choreographing for an awareness raising video on modern slavery for FreeThem Germany.

I’ll write soon (promise!!!!),

lots of love,

Linn X



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