Oh Britain, my love

Deutsch-ButtonI know, don’t tell me, it has been AGES since I last posted anything here. And I am sorry. As the Apprenticeship is still the same amazing adventure I am currently allowed to attend, I decided that this post is going to focus on two beautiful weekends I had.

Moggerhanger Park Manor House

I am not sure if the William Wilberforce does ring a bell with anyone reading this. Being a social worker by degree means that I am quite aware of his name, since he has been part of the Clapham Sect which also makes him a social reformer. In a nutshell, Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect abolished slavery in the 18th century and reformed the British social system.
As my project for the Apprenticeship got approved,  I am reading a lot on modern day slavery at the moment in order to use my creativity for raising awareness on this topic. Apparently there is a dance company, founded by one of the former apprentices of Springs, which is addressing modern day slavery through their work, called The Natashas Project. The creative director of Springs advised me to get in touch with them and see if I can arrange to watch one of their performances.

Portrait of Wilberforce

Well, amazingly they had a performance scheduled for the last weekend in October at a conference in Bedford. Even more amazingly, Erena, founder of the company, requested a seat for me in this conference. Therefore I did not only get to see their fantastic performance but attend a full conference which gave me loads of information for my project. As if this wasn’t brilliant enough, the conference took place in Moggerhanger Park, the Manor House, to be exact, which happens to be the same place Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect used. It belonged to the Thornton family, friends of Wilberforce, and we sat in the exact same rooms Wilberforce and his friends were thinking of how to tackle slavery hundreds of years ago. It has been a truly special place to be.

“The pumpkin man”

The last week has been half term which I basically spent by writing my course work for dance science. I loved writing it, but was equally happy to finally send it off. Fortunately, I was invited to friends in West Sussex, near Chichester, for the weekend. This really really REALLY was a treat. They absolutely pampered me. It has been very nice for a change, to have someone cook amazing food for me and looking after me with great care (Thank you so much again, Shelagh and Steve! You are stars!). We went to a small village, called Slindon, which is protected by the national trust. Over there we bought some pumpkins for a delicious pumpkin and carrot cobbler. Now, this pumpkin place is special, as every year they display a mural laid out of pumpkins. Different to what I thought, these aren’t painted or dyed, but it’s their natural colours.

Easthead beach

As you might be able to see from the picture, it was quite grey and rainy when I arrived. Luckily the weather changed, so my friends took me to the seafront for a beautiful walk on the beach. It was sunny (you might see my shadow) but windy. Somehow the sun in Britain doesn’t work as it does in other countries: you can see it but not feel it! Still, this country is stealing my heart more and more. As much as I love London, there’s nothing quite like the British countryside. The lovely houses and cottages, the coast, the woods. I don’t even care about the wind or the rain! Give me some wellies, a waterproof jacket and I am happy even in the rain. That’s true love. Normally I am the first one to complain about rain (my Kassel friends will know what I mean). Then again, since almost every house in Britain is equipped with a fireplace, being warmed up with tea by the fire helps embracing rainy days…

Arundel castle

On my last day we went to Arundel. Not the one from Frozen (that’s Arendelle), but I confuse them, too, sometimes. Especially since it is rather easy to imagine Anna and Elsa in this castle. Well, maybe I have been watching too much Once upon a time recently…
Point is, it has been a fantastic weekend which made me fall in love once again with this beautiful Island.

On Monday I started back into project week then, meaning for this week we only have one class a day and plenty of time for rehearsing and getting creative ourselves. Today we had an amazing class starting on contact work. And tutorials. In our tutorials we received a Din A4 page with lovely feedback and corrections from our teachers. It actually made me a little bit teary. Especially, when the key sentence fell.

“We would love to have you!” meaning: I did it! I am officially part of Elevate Company now! (OMG!!!!!!!). Well, it’s good then I love this country so much, as I will spend some more time here. 🙂

Well, good night for today,

Lots of love,

Linn XXX


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