Winter Magic

Deutsch-ButtonYes, it has been ages (AGAIN!) and to be honest, I have kind of struggled with myself if there is any point in doing another post after, what, two months?

Regent Street Angels

However I did decide to do so which means that I am just quickly whizzing through the past weeks and my Highlights within these.

Firstly I have to admit that London really knows how to do Christmas decorations and lighting. Even though temperature wise it was rather spring time than christmas time, the different lights and Christmas trees definitely helped to get in the right mood. It’s rather difficult to pick my favourites, but I’d definitely have to go with the regent street lights, Carnaby lights and the “Fighting fire with Ice cream” – Christmas tree at Granary Square. However, I am very sorry to say so, London, but you can’t compete with German Christmas Markets. No matter how hard you try. Especially since Germany does not only consist of Bavaria, Bratwurst,

Fighting Fire with Ice Cream

Brezeln and Bier. Even though Winter Wonderland was quite fun to see, it simply wasn’t (and will never be) the same.

In the end of November and beginning of December I had some visitors from Germany which has been very lovely. Whenever I get visitors I also get to see many exciting (and touristy) things, I probably wouldn’t have visited alone. One of these things definitely was the House of MinaLima. Guys, if you happen to be a (massive) Harry Potter fan, and you are in London before the 4th February, this is definitely something you mustn’t miss!

Hidden in a small House in Soho the designer duo that did all the graphic art for the Harry Potter films and fantastic beasts opened a little Pop-Up shop.

Hogwarts letters to Harry

Completely admission free you’ll get access to the beautiful world of film and art with actual Hogwarts letters to Harry Potter from the film and the chance to buy a limited number of prints. From chocolate frogs labels, over Hogwarts express tickets and covers of the iconic Gilderoy Lockhart books, to the Daily Prophet. It is stunning and very tempting to shop at. Especially since the designers are around sometimes! We did have the luck to meet one of them in the shop and yes, OBVIOUSLY we asked for a picture which we also did get (but I have to ask permission of my friends before posting it online).

One weekend after my two friends left, my fiancé came to see me for a week which obviously has also been very lovely. Not only did we watch the Mosconi cup (a huge 9-Ball-Billard Tournament where Europe competes against the USA), but we also managed to visit the newly opened Legostore in Leicester Square.

DoDi in a Lego-Dream

Also one of the places that is worth a visit even though it is much more crowded with tourists than the House of MinaLima. A place, where the inner child is getting very excited and all the decorations are build from Lego. So is this tube carriage which has not only Shakespeare and a guard of the Queen in it, but also the Queen herself (you might just be able to get a glimpse of her crown behind Dominic’s head).

After Dom left, the first course finished and we all had to say goodbye for three weeks of Christmas break, or, some of us, for good. As a huge family person I absolutely enjoyed being back home and spending time with all of my loved ones, and coming back to London wasn’t just easy (well, it was in a way, as I am still allowed to live my dream here, but leaving my loved ones again, for another six months simply isn’t always a piece of cake).
The first week was very good though. My timetable is full, I don’t think I have ever been THIS sore in my life before (At the moment there isn’t  any body part that doesn’t ache) and we are busy planning the tour.
I am very excited about what 2017 is having in store for me and I am looking forward to all the adventures that are to come. One of them will definitely be the apprenticeship and the tour but also my upcoming wedding, which somehow wants and needs to be planned as well. Good times are lying ahead.

Lots of love,

Linn X



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